What interests us, what inspires us most, are stories. And within those stories the challenges, obstacles and latent opportunities draw our sharpest attention. Your story matters. How you tell it may matter more. If you share the belief that design is more than style, that it is elemental to brand strategy and communications—regardless of medium—then our work may be of interest to you.

General Cable

It starts with me.

Limitless Coffee & Tea

Pure potential.

This is Ed.

Developing an educational brand.


Nourishing life and learning.

The Walsh Group

Thinking big, building big.

Verso: Sterling Premium

Paper. Elevated.

Verso: Productolith Pts.

Create something great.

Kayline by Wahl

A classic, reborn.

NewPage: Shifters

Celebrating the shifters of the world.

Chicago Yacht Club

The race to Mackinac.

The Hartford

Live confidently.

JAMA Network

Read, view, listen and learn.

Optimo Hats

Creating lifelong companions.

Indiana University: SNAAP

Knowledge is power.

Verso: Technique-ly Speaking

The power of touch.

Smart Museum of Art

Through time.

Morgan Li

Making your dreams come true.

NewPage: Paper Offer

Hurry, these deals won’t last.

Chicago Children’s Choir

From expectations to empowerment.

NewPage: Shift Your Thinking

Shift the way you think about paper.

The Graceful Ordinary

There’s grace in the ordinary.

U.S. Steel

Welcome to big-picture steel.


The people behind the paper.